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2022 РThe previous year was still a slowdown for Photography, I have worked almost exclusively my private muse. There was one exception, the July outdoor session with Ania, on the summer meadows in Rejentówka.

Only one session with a “foreign” model, but what a! Ania posed very boldly the way I like it. Hope this year will bring me more variety of models photographed, we’ll see.

Marzka, 2022-05-02, RejentówkaPhotography

It’s finally May and it’s warm.

Usually, during the May long weekend, we do not go to any popular places, because everyone else does. We set off somewhere close to where it is empty.

This time it is a hike in forests and meadows near Radzymin. Our walk is over 12 km. It is warm, the sun is shining beautiful, it is fun to walk.

At some point, we reach a fairy-tale clearing hidden in the forest. May green is so juicy and fresh.

Marzka says we will be taking pictures here, so we do! Fortunately, everyone is in the mountains, at the seaside and in Masuria, so no one disturbs us.

The session is short but intense, after a few minutes we have a lot of nice shots. We are well organized team. Lets go, there are still many kilometers ahead of us, before we reach the car.

Marzka, 2022-04-03, studioPhotography

Studio again today.

Encouraged by what we managed to achieve in the previous session, we are doing a dark session again, but this time with two flashes.

Both lamps come without softboxes, the main one has a honeycomb front that creates a nice narrow beam of light. The second lamp only gently illuminates the dark side.

The photos are different than before. The light from the second lamp changes the character of the shots. Marzka, as always, poses with great commitment, helps me to implement ideas on how to harmonize light with her body.

I still don’t know how many flashes to use on next studio session – revert to one, stay with two, extend to three? To my taste one flash setup created better results then two flashes. Maybe I should try more different combinations.

Marzka, 2022-02-26, studioPhotography

February is still winter.

Outdoor posing requires frost and snow resistance for both model and the photographer. Today we don’t feel like it, so we choose the studio.

It is natural, that in winter we take photos in the studio and at some point we start to miss summer and the outdoors. Then comes the long-awaited summer and we start outdoor sessions. In autumn the circle closes, we are fed up with outdoor activities, we want to spend time in a studio and to try some indoor ideas that we came up with in the summer.

Today, photos that emerge from the dark. I take pictures with one light source, without a softbox. I only put an overlay on the lamp, which creates a narrow beam of light. It is not a classic spotlight, but a spontaneous self-construction.

The effects are very interesting. This will have to be repeated and enhanced. I should try both more light sources and different modificators to light her body.